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Vegetarian Protein Shakes for The Meatless Muscle Builders

Many people out there have their very own reasons for turning into a vegetarian. Some people may feel like it is better for their bodies while others might do it for ethical reasons; whatever your reason for being a vegetarian, that should not affect your quest to muscle building. Most people picture vegetarians as very lithe fit people and what they do not know is that there are some body builders out there who also happen to be vegetarians as well. This may sound strange to you since you may picture body builders as mostly meat eaters that consume vast quantities of meat and stuff like that and yet, there are those that manage to build muscles while on a vegetarian diet.
If you are a vegetarian and you too would like to get into some muscle building activities, then you should know that it is possible and you can still be a complete vegetarian as you do so. One thing that you can enjoy when you are a vegetarian and you would like to build some muscles is a vegetarian protein shake. Most if not all body builders usually start the day with some sort of protein shake and you just have to make sure that yours is vegetarian. One such shake that you can try is something like this; take out your hemp protein or rice protein or maybe even pea protein, you can use either or a combination of the three. Then instead of using cow’s milk, try using coconut milk and add that to your powder and along with some water. If you want to add more taste and some bulk to your shake, add in a banana or perhaps a cupful of frozen mixed berries. You can add some cocoa nibs for more flavour and some ice if you want a really cold slushy like shake in the morning.
There are plenty of other vegetarian options out there that you can try out. In fact, get as creative as you want. Just make sure that you get the necessary nutrients and vitamins from your diet so that you can build muscles more effectively and more quickly. Just because you are a vegetarian does not mean that you have to give up on muscle building. It can be done and in fact, people are doing it as you read so that is why you have no more excuses.


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